Mobile Refrigeration FAQ

Common questions we get about our mobile refrigeration trailers for rent in the Flathead Valley & beyond.


What is a Mobile Refrigeration Trailer?

Answer: "A Cooler Trailer represents an innovative approach to transporting, distributing, and storing your frozen or refrigerated items. Our 110-volt units are versatile, capable of both cooling and freezing, simplifying your tasks. These highly adaptable portable refrigerated and freezer trailers offer remarkable versatility and ease of use."


Can I move or drive the trailer myself?

Answer: "No. Please do not move with your own truck or by hand. Simply contact us, and we will promptly move the trailer for you." (Additional fees may apply.)


Can I move or drive the trailer myself?

Answer: "No, our units should not be moved by your vehicles or by hand. To safeguard our assets and ensure safety, all mobility requirements are managed exclusively by our personnel at your location, and we ensure prompt handling."


What are the operating temperatures of your trailers?

Answer: "Our refrigerated and freezer trailers are equipped to maintain temperatures within the range of 0˚F to 50˚F."


How long does it take to get cold once delivered?

Answer: "Each unit typically requires approximately 30 minutes for setup. Once the setup is complete, your unit will reach the desired temperature and be ready for use in a minimal amount of time, depending on start temp & weather conditions."


What kind of electrical outlet do I need to operate the trailer?

Answer: "Our refrigerated trailers are all electric and require only a 110V power source and 15 amps, dedicated circuit. We provide a 50-foot electrical cord with all units. A gas generator can be provided for an additional fee. "


Why use Glacier Cold Box trailers?

Answer: "For an additional fee, we can provide a gas generator, which eliminates the need for diesel fuel and offers an environmentally friendly, exhaust-free solution. There are no hourly meter charges associated with our units, and they can plug into any standard 110 Volt 15 amp, single-phase, dedicated circuit. There's no assembly required, and they operate as freezers as low as to 0°F."


Are the trailers easy to use?

Answer: "All of our units are equipped with digital push-button controls, ensuring ease of operation."


Can I secure the trailer?

Answer: "Yes, a lock and key are provided with every Glacier Cold Box trailer rental. Please note that our trailers are not towable once they are in place."


Can you pre-cool the trailer before delivery?

Answer: "We can pre-cool your refrigerated trailer rental in advance when feasible."


Are there hidden fees?

Answer: "We believe in transparent pricing and do not charge metering fees, mileage costs, fuel expenses, or any other undisclosed fees. Our commitment is to provide upfront and honest service in all that we do."